Thursday, February 19, 2015

Come As You Are to… The Rainbow Moon Circle

It's been a long time bubbling in our dreams and studies and discussions and prayers—and finally it is time to come out to the world: CAYA Coven's Rainbow Moon Circle is bursting your way—a-glitter and aswirl!

CAYA Priest/esses Melissa ra Karit and myself (Jaina Bee), with the able assistance of soon-to-be-ordained Verity Blue (who created that beautiful graphic, above) and Dedicant HiC have been mixing up the ingredients for this series of four rituals in the coming turning of The Wheel of the Year. These will all happen at The Sacred Well, in Oakland.

Learn more about this and join in on the colorful discussion at our G+ group: Rainbow Moon Circle. The more colors in our palette, the more beauty we can create together.

To Paneros

Hail, Paneros
You who break the world open with Your love
You who shatter the bonds
that restrained love of old
We honor you.

Bring us to the shimmering edge
Hold us shaking and shivering
At the crest of desire
Hear Your name on our lips
When we honor you.

Paneros, awaken our hearts!
AsYou are open, open us to others
Let our hearts beat
with Your joyous, flowing love,
As we honor you

O Breaker,
O Anarchist of Love
O Love's song and Love's delight,
Piercer of Hearts
Waker of the Soul
that wades through fear to reach love's shores
Hear us, as we raise our voices in praise of You!

All honor to Paneros, and to all the Tetrad++!


Want to know more about Paneros? Check out P. Sufenas Virius Lupus' blog post on all the Tetrad++ and honoring them here and also eir epic poem The Marriage of Paneros.