Monday, November 16, 2015

Two Letters

I've recently found myself needing to write some letters about my gender. Please feel free to use these as templates and alter them as necessary for your own needs.

Letter #1

Dear _______,

I'm a long-time member and I'm genderqueer.

I believe in the work that you do and applaud your international efforts. I think direct action by citizens plays a critical role in changing the world for the better. I hope to remain a member and a part of your online activism for many more years.

However, I cannot currently participate in your online campaigns. Addressing government officials requires a certain level of respect. One way that we show that respect is by adding a prefix such as "Mr." or Ms." before our names. As a genderqueer person, I use the prefix "Mx.", which was recently added to the Oxford Dictionary. Until such a time as I will not be forced to misgender myself, I will be taking a hiatus from participating with you.

Therefore, I urge you to add "Mx." to the list of titles a person can choose from in your organization.


Mx. Melissa ra Karit

Letter #2

Dear ______,

My girlfriend first brought me to your women-centric space early this year. Since then, I've been back multiple times as a guest and enjoyed myself a great deal. I find it very relaxing.

I want to ask a clarifying question about your gender policy. Since this space is a silent retreat, I will obviously not be asking anyone about their gender, nor will anyone be asking me about mine. I am female-bodied and genderqueer. How would you like me to interact with this space? For example, would it be appropriate for me to have my own membership, typically only given to women? I know that this space is for woman only after 9pm. Would I be welcome during that time? And, for the sake of other non-binary, intersex, and transgender people who might be wondering, would the answer to those questions change if I were male-bodied?

Thanks for providing this space and for your consideration of these questions.

-Mx. Melissa

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rainbow Moon Circle's Autumn Ritual Offering

Come As You Are to…

The Rainbow Moon Circle presents the Moon of Release; A Full Moon Circle Honoring the Full Spectra of Gender Diversity

<3 Thank you to Verity Blue Midnight for this beautiful flyer <3
November 21, 2015
Attendees are welcome to assemble at 7pm, circle is cast at 7:15 (no one is admitted after the circle is cast).

The Home of Truth
1300 Grand St Alameda, CA
Fruitvale BART to 51A
not wheelchair accessible

Suggested donation $10—no one turned away for lack of funds. A portion of our collection will be donated to Trans Lifeline

People of any gender identity or none are welcome to join us to recognize and honor our Beloved Dead of non-conformist gender identities, calling in the creative friction of the gender-fluid deity; Paneris, of the Tetrad++, to transform our losses into raging beauty. We shall offer special remembrance to Trans people whose lives were taken—by the hands of others or by their own hands—in the past solar cycle. Held the evening after the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, at the end of the weeklong Transgender Ancestor Rite of Elevation, our intention is to charge our collective grief with fierce love and RELEASE it from all toxic bonds so that we may all move forward in our full powers. Bring names and photos of your Beloved Dead, small scraps of fabric, ribbons, feathers, and a treat to share for cakes and ale.

The Rainbow Moon Circle is a safe and sacred space for all to explore the spectrum of gender and identity. We honor the holistic experience of self-determined identity and its infinite intersections. We celebrate the glittering prism of Divine existence that is powerful, delightful,  enthusiastic,  playful,transformative, magickal, compassionate, and reverent. Live the Spectra!
The Rainbow Moon Circle offers rituals and sacred services which honor and celebrate the full spectra of gender diversity. Mark your calendars for our Winter ritual: February 27, 2016.

And on FB: RainbowMoonCircle & G+