Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mahatala Jata

To Mahatala-Jata, the mountain god/deep water goddess of the Dayak people of Borneo, I offer my devotion.


I feel you on my left
Dark water snake
Weaving your dangerous paths
Unseen, unheard
Ready to emerge


I feel you in my center
Glittering rainbow bridge
Jewels of untold worth
Bridging the universe


I feel you on my right
Hornbill atop the mountain
Soaring in the skies
Unfettered as you rule the day


I feel you merging
The pull of destruction-creation
bright-dark, day-night, male-female
Your eyes luminous
As you twist and turn and dive
Threading between the deep waters and the high heavens


I feel your voice calling
I feel your voice speaking
I feel you gifted and giver
With those like me
My sisterbrother kin
Awake in the world