Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rainbow Universe Art!

Art by Melissa ra Karit

Here lies a vision of the Universe exploding with rainbows! I'm not sure how clear it is from the image, but the black paper is spotted with stars...on top of which lies both a rainbow path swirling in a wide spiral, topped by an explosion of rainbow energy in all directions.

The path is chalk pastels and the explosion is oil pastels, for those interested in the artistic details.

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Spell for Freedom and Justice

Our trans kin are under attack in North Carolina, Mississippi, and beyond. The most basic freedoms are being taken in the name of "protection" when in reality, an already vulnerable population is being put at further risk.

To counter these horrible injustices, I offer a spell of freedom and justice for our transgender selves and loved ones. It can be performed once or repeated during this waxing moon to build up the energy to be released on the full moon (April 21st at 10:30PM).

In this spell we call on Libertas, Lady Liberty, Greek Goddess of Freedom. Libertas is celebrated on April 13th, so this work is timely. Her best known modern representation is in a work of art called "La Liberté éclairant le monde" which translates to Liberty Enlightening the World - you'll recognize it by the more common title "The Statue of Liberty".

For my altar, I created a candle with Liberty Enlightening the World to burn during the working.

Center yourself and create sacred space.

Libertas! Libertas! Libertas!
I/we call upon you, sweet Libertas!
Goddess of Freedom, Lady Liberty

Grant all trans people these basic freedoms:
Equal protection under the law!
Equal status in society!
Justice for those taken away!
Courage to those of us who still stand.

Libertas, bring freedom and justice for all.

Take a few minutes to meditate on each of these areas. Picture that new reality coming into being. What role can you play in bringing it forward?

When you're ready, thank Libertas for her time and energy.

Hail and farewell Libertas!

Open sacred space.

Blessed be.