Thursday, April 27, 2017

DSRT and RMC Statement of Solidarity with Yeshe

(Editor's Note: We have since retracted this statement. Go here to see our retraction.)

The Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe is a Tradition within CAYA Pagan Congregation devoted to exploring and honoring sacred mxgender/non-binary Mysteries. The Rainbow Moon Circle is a safe and sacred space for all to explore the spectra of gender and identity. Together, we offer eight rituals a year focused on mxgender, trans, and intersex themes. We create and maintain several online groups open to the public about the intersections of gender identity and pagan spirituality. We write songs and poetry to trans, intersex, and mxgender deities and share them publicly, contributing to what we hope will be a long-lasting body of work. We train mxgender Priestexes, empowering them  to create community and a world that values and affirms gender diversity through personal and communal magick.

We, the centerholders of trans and mxgender spaces in CAYA Pagan Congregation, know the importance of speaking our truths in difficult situations. Recently, there has been a spate of online attacks directed at our friend, the Presiding High Priestess of CAYA, Yeshe Rabbit. Specifically, many of these attacks have accused her of transphobic remarks or behavior. We stand in solidarity with Yeshe, as she has stood in solidarity with us in this community.

All the trans and mxgender Priest/ess/xes, as well as some of our Dedicants, have received supportive personal counseling from Yeshe as she helped us explore important issues. This has included questions of where and when to come out, how to respond to challenges of our gender identities, and how to set firm boundaries.

Many of the trans and mxgender Priest/ess/xes of CAYA have also received mentoring for leadership from Yeshe. Mxgender leadership for both the Rainbow Moon Circle and the Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe emerged with Yeshe’s support. She provided physical spaces for these groups to meet, as well as a great deal of technical support and expertise in creating new circles and traditions.

We have witnessed Yeshe examining her own beliefs as a strong ally. We have heard her question others and herself. We have witnessed her taking in feedback from the trans and non-binary communities and responding to it. We have seen and heard her clearly and calmly standing up for our rights.

Yeshe has also worked to make spaces in CAYA trans- and mxgender-friendly. After Pantheacon 2011, she and the then-Amazons started a pan-Dianic lineage, recognizing that trans women are women. Yeshe made space for mxgender people to attend men’s and women’s moon circles as they felt appropriate, without regard to their biological sex. She led the charge for the inclusion on non-binary titles such as Priestx in our materials, and created a mxgender Court title to go alongside CAYA’s seasonal Queens & Kings.

We could not have done this work without Yeshe’s support, and we decry the unjust attempts to focus a campaign of hatred and lies against her. May the truth be clearly revealed, may justice prevail, and may compassion guide our words and actions.