Thursday, March 31, 2016

Seasonal Divination : Spring 2016


Hello to everyone from beyond to all those who are beyond the binary ...

My name is HiC, and I'm here to offer some seasonal divination posts that will, shockingly, appear seasonally around the solstices and equinoxes.

They are designed to offer insight and guidance around the energies swirling in the heavens that can impact our lives.

So, first, let’s take a look at some of the astrological patterns that colour the rainbow of the next few months.

The first 8 ~ 9 months of the year are characterised by the preponderance of retrogrades all piling on top of each other. This can indicate a period in which there is a need to pull back, that we can encounter greater push back then normal, and that we need to take a step back in order to engage in re- types of activities (re-assess, re-visit, re-st, re-charge, re-sist, re-do, re-vise, re-member, re-negotiate, re-fresh, re-treat, etc).

It’s also key during these months to take things slowly, carefully, cautiously. Stay within the budget. Proceed at a cautious pace. Be conservative in our approach and perspective. Avoid giving in to impulse, temptation, instant gratification.

The slower the pace, the better off things will go and turn out. And, if you can, just sit May out as much as possible to let the storm pass.

But fret not … the last three months of the this year will bring rewards and results for patience and perseverance, likely in surprising or unexpected ways.

All of the swirling retrograde energies are highlighted below. But first ... let's take a look at how we can best navigate this Spring season to get the most out of it.



  • April King of Wands
  • May X The Wheel
  • June II The High Priestx

  • April Cinnamon
  • May Slippery Elm
  • June Peony Root

  • April Azurite
  • May Carnelian
  • June Aquamarine

APRIL • King of Wands • Cinnamon • Azurite

We need to be in full control of when, how, where and towards what we channel our energy. This is about a stable, sustained energy that gets us through the longterm rather than short, nuclear bursts that may have an immediate beneficial effect or impact, but can also, and more likely, cause disruption to destruction.

Let’s take a step back and reaffirm our connection and relationship to our destiny, seeing ourselves as the one who is in control of it rather than feeling or allowing our destiny to be in the hands of outside influences.

Stand tall in your creativity and in your experience. Tap into what you’ve already accomplished and let that be where you operate from. This isn’t necessarily the best time to be going after new, untested goals and projects.

Be a leader who knows how to inspire rather than a controlling or manipulate leader that intimidates others into acquiescence.

MAY • X The Wheel • Slippery Elm • Carnelian

Things are spinning and changing, often due to forces outside of our control.

Let’s turn our attention inward and come back to centre, to a place of feeling grounded amidst the whirlwind of activity that is swirling around us and churning things up.

Be careful with over reaching or taking too many risks or too big of chances. Things can spin out of control extremely easily. Or, we can get dizzy and fall off the rails, making decisions from a confused, not-quite-sure perspective that can cause challenges later.

Step back and allow change to happen. Let’s not try to push it, force it, rush it. Let’s also not try to avoid it, slow it down, or stop it. Just let change happen. We’ll make sense of it later and figure out where to go as a result. For now … just buckle up and ride the wave of change with a vomit bag tucked discreetly away just in case it’s needed at certain moments. But know that, a bit of rest to calm the nerves and settle the stomach will do wonders.

So knowing when to step back, step off, slow down and take care of ourselves will be key during this month.

JUNE • II The High Priestx • Peony Root • Aquamarine

Things settle down a bit and now we just float for awhile.

We know there are things beyond our comprehension that are forming and taking place. Let’s embrace the mystery and await the revelation of something more concrete or tangible before proceeding.

Balance wants to be restored … and so, if we can give stillness a chance, we will find that we can regain our footing and return to a place of understanding that will open up a wider, broader landscape of what has happened, what has shaken apart, what is coming in on the winds, and what we’re now ready for and where we’re now ready to move towards.

No rush … because the mysteries unfold and unveil themselves to us in their own time and in their own way. They just ask that we relax and release ourselves into them. They’ve got our back … so this is our opportunity to do trust fall into them.

They won’t force, but they will beckon. They won’t compel, but they will likely impel. They won’t show us, but they will reveal themselves when we show ourselves ready to see and receive them.



January 2016 ~ August 2016
  • Contraction.
  • Focus on need over want.
  • Look around for what’s needed closer to home rather than « out there » somewhere … you might miss what’s actually available.
  • Don’t take big or unnecessary risks.
  • Rein in the spending.
  • Put plans for expansion on hold to take more time for planning, saving, gathering resources.
March 2016 ~ August 2016
  • Don't push ahead in business or push for immediate results or demand satisfaction in general. Instead, take stock of where you are now and how you can improve.
  • Take care of unfinished business and tie up loose ends that are interfering with our pursuit of important goals.
  • Efforts to organize people or ideas can slow down.
  • Work may not go as planned, but delays can prove fruitful in the long run.
  • Find the missing pieces.
  • Refine the work at hand, the final product will be better as a result.
  • Reorganisation of security, structure, and authority, who’s in charge and how the work gets done.
  • A shakeup of people in positions of authority, shifts in power, and changes in the polls.
  • Be more ponderous and reflective rather than ambitiously striving to achieve outer goals.
  • Extra obligations at this time could prove to be more burdensome and draining than anticipated.
  • Slow down and to be more careful about wasting or misapplying resources.
April 2016 ~ June 2016
  • Lower energy levels.
  • Pull back and reconsider the path we are on and how to improve our chances up ahead.
  • Not a good time to start a big new project—the odds go way down you’ll get traction and immediate progress.
  • Aggressors lose – not the time to start any legal proceedings or fights/contests.
  • Lay some important groundwork, but spend the next several weeks going over it with a fine-toothed comb.
  • Utilise this retrograde phase as a personal "time out » to have far less anxiety about any upcoming stalls.
  • Let things proceed at their own pace rather than trying to push, force, accelerate or initiate.
  • Things can blow up in our face from the smallest spark.
  • Cooler heads and more compassionate interactions prevail.
May 2016
  • Avoid finalising things.
  • Get a second opinion.
  • Miscommunication and misunderstandings can be far more likely.
  • Listen more, talk less.
  • Observe more, be caught up in less.
  • Re-send.
  • Research.
26 May 2016
  • Uncertainty.
  • Frustration.
  • Confusion.
  • Instability.
  • Caught between voices of optimism and pessimism.
  • A summing up process.
  • Desperately clinging to old ideals.
  • Something old gives way to something new.
  • A period of chaos, crisis and resistance to changes.
  • A breaking point with the last roots of the old (80’s and 90’s) as we enter into a period of turbulence and instability over the next year – especially around security and financial stability.
  • Take full inventory of our current situation in order to decide what areas of our lives should be pursued (Jupiter) and what should be cut back (Saturn).
  • « Raise our game » to overcome current obstacles.
  • Plan for how to implement the vision. 
  • Rise above self-righteousness and fanaticism to embody tolerance and respect.
  • Tendency to push forward without having the necessary information.
  • Wait things out and find solutions that work for you rather than just jetting off into unknown territory.
  • Trouble brewing in love relationships which are already experiencing disharmony.
  • Compromise may be difficult to achieve.
  • Debt can become more difficult to manage without a restructuring and cutbacks and the implementing of a budget.
  • Overspending can lead to increased financial hardship. 
  • Strict self-discipline in order to restrict/avoid extravagance.
  • Hard work and perseverance during this time can lead to increased wealth and security.
  • Increase in hostility.
  • Conflicts can easily escalate with no clear victor.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reflections on Initiation

Initiation is always powerful. It's a beginning to things, and I've now done enough of them to be aware that I never quite know what will really happen. This was doubly true for my Initiation into the Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe, since I was simultaneously initiating into a tradition and initiating the tradition itself. That is, the Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe (Rainbow Trad for short) became a tradition as I initiated into it.

One extremely noticeable difference between this Initiation and previous Initiations was that, starting about a week prior, I began getting two sets of messages. The first set of messages were personal: an ancestor wanted to talk to me, a certain animal appeared in a dream as a potential ally, my dedicated deities offered insights or asked for offerings. These were all occurrences that were familiar, though perhaps more frequent than is typical for me. I expected them to a certain extent.

The second set of messages I began receiving were Tradition based. These messages had what I can only describe as a different flavor. Or perhaps a tint...a rainbow tint? On top of my particular ancestors, allies, deities, and general preparations, the Tradition let me know that it wanted certain things, too. A particular tool was to be dedicated as a Tradition tool, a certain theme was to be explored, Initiates (starting with me) would do such-and-such an act as part of their Initiation. This second set of messages has not slowed post-Initiation. It remains very present.

At the time, I described a sensation that I experienced immediately after initiating as the feeling that a rainbow, with a strong white background, had encompassed me about a foot and a half outside of my body. I suspected that the tradition was trying to download into my body and couldn't quite fit, which would certainly match with the atypically ungrounded feeling that lasted most of the night for me. It's as though I have an unknown number of zipped files in my head that unzip themselves whenever is appropriate to them. It's a very exciting adventure!

One final note: there are a lot of traditions out there. To my knowledge, this is the first tradition to be rooted in and centered around mxgender Mysteries. As I see the faces and hear the voices of more and more people who identify as non-binary in pagan spaces, the need for a space that celebrates the unique ways we are sacred becomes urgent. It is this desire, to make and hold that space for my kindred spirits, that draws me onward. I work my magick and pray to the Goddessx that it may be so.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe Daily Practice 2016

At our recent Rainbow Moon Circle, Melissa ra Karit initiated into the Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe; CAYA Coven's sparkling new Mxgender Mxtery Tradition! As a takeaway gift, ze gave everyone a Daily Practice ze wrote (with some assistance by myself, Jaina Bee). I had wanted to set it to music, the way our CAYA Daily Practices are—I remember poems and stories better when they have a tune. And this morning, inspiration came through me, and now we have a song!

I dance my path through the Universe
Starlight runs through my veins
I shine with glory
I carry the sacred source of rainbows within me.
I rejoice in the movements of those who have gone before me,
The presence of those who dance beside me
And the grace of those yet to come!

by Melissa ra Karit and Baba Jaina Bee