Saturday, March 12, 2016

Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe Daily Practice 2016

At our recent Rainbow Moon Circle, Melissa ra Karit initiated into the Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe; CAYA Coven's sparkling new Mxgender Mxtery Tradition! As a takeaway gift, ze gave everyone a Daily Practice ze wrote (with some assistance by myself, Jaina Bee). I had wanted to set it to music, the way our CAYA Daily Practices are—I remember poems and stories better when they have a tune. And this morning, inspiration came through me, and now we have a song!

I dance my path through the Universe
Starlight runs through my veins
I shine with glory
I carry the sacred source of rainbows within me.
I rejoice in the movements of those who have gone before me,
The presence of those who dance beside me
And the grace of those yet to come!

by Melissa ra Karit and Baba Jaina Bee