Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trans Body Blessing

I've been thinking a lot about what I, in my role as Priest/ess of the Body-Temple, can offer to the large portion of the trans population that experiences body disphoria. I want to acknowledge, first of all, that I don't experience body disphoria. It is thus difficult for me to really get into peoples' heads and hearts to discover what they need. I've done my best through personal conversations and research. If you feel I've been disrespectful, please do contact me so I can do my best to address your concerns and make amends.

I also want to note that I am specifically addressing trans folks (transgender and transsexual people who want, intend to, or have physically transitioned) rather than the broader category of trans* folks (including all those non-binary folks like myself).

Trans Body Blessing

I bless the bodies of my trans brothers and sisters
These bodies that have been the site, so often,
of pain and trouble
These bodies that have been a map
Marking a past you do not want

Let the ink lay.
I bless your bodies so that you may find,
a secret path
a mystical portal
a door, so to speak, at the back of a closet leading to Narnia
May you find that inside this flesh there is a magical new dimension unfolding

I bless this flesh
that it learn to soften to the touch of your beloveds
that it be able to receive
care, kindness, affection, gentleness
May your flesh soak all these in

I bless the dips and curves
The hills and valleys of your body
If you have shaped them, I bless them doubly
As a sign of your care for your body
If they are old, I bless them gently
Honoring what exists now
Awaiting any changes you might make

I bless the raw materials of your body
Like gold pulled from a mine
not what you want
But still, I promise, valuable
Still capable of being shaped into great beauty
Not junk to be thrown away
But flesh to be made anew in your image
Thou art Divine.

Above all else
I bless your brave and beating heart
Alive. Stay alive. Do whatever it takes to stay alive.

If I could whisper this prayer, this blessing,
into ten million trans hearts, I would
I say it at my altar
And hope someone says it to you
Until you feel strong and loved in your body
So be it, so be it, so mote it be.