Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mxgender Mxer at Pagan Fest this Saturday!

Come As You Are to… The Rainbow Moon Circle Stitch-n-Witch—Saturday, May 7, 11am-noon, MLK Park, Berkeley— FREE!!!

Mxgender members of CAYA Coven will be hosting a crafty social hour at our CAYA Coven booth at the 13th Pagan Festival in Berkeley this weekend. Honoring this year's theme of Ancestral Wisdom, we will be decorating jackets, bags and whatever we wish to with colorful quilt patches of beloved Transcestors—our beloved dead of countless genders and sexes.

Transcestor quilt patch from Rainbow Moon Circle Rite of Release

DIY! The sticker machine will be loaded and ready to make archival-quality stickers from your own photos, prints or drawings of beloved Transcestors, too. Tasty refreshments will be served and we will share stories of our loved ones and conspire about creative ways to support living members of our vast and varied communities.

They do not rest in peace—THEY RISE IN POWER!
We hope you will come on over and introduce yourself, enjoy a snack, and get crafty! Live the Spectra!

Blessed be.