Sunday, July 24, 2016

CAYA Coven Co-Sponsors San Francisco Trans March

The Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe, a Mxgender Mxtery Tradition within CAYA Coven, joined Planned Parenthood, Good Vibrations and others to sponsor the 2016 San Francisco Trans March. Priest/ess/xes provided marchers a chance to meet the queer, transgender, mxgender, non-binary witches next door and get a taste of what CAYA Coven has to offer.

CAYA members offered blessings for good health, love, home, abundance, and tarot readings on the spot. Marchers were also given protection charms, handmade and blessed by CAYA members.

“People were curious and a bit shy in coming up to the booth, but once they saw that we were just part of the community, all of us are queer, non-binary, and/or trans, they were really interested in what we had to offer. This may the first time many of these folks have been in contact with priest/ess/exes from a tradition that fully embraces and celebrates them,” says Divine Spiraling Rainbow Tribe Dedicant Root. “Blessing people with glitter was magical and very queer,” adds founder and Initiate Melissa ra Karit, referring to one of five blessings offered that day. Blessings of health, prosperity, love, home, and - the glitter blessing - a blessing to shine with your own inner sparkliness, were all on tap for Trans March attendees.